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How to use pet nail clipper cutter to cut the nails of pets

How to use pet nail clipper cutter to cut the nails of pets

How to see the blood line when trimming the nails of a dog? Long dog nails will affect walking, walking posture and so on. Too long nails piercing the soles of the feet can be painful, and it is easy to scratch the floor, and it is easy to scratch the owner when interacting with people. It is very necessary to build nails for dogs, but because dog nails and human nails have different shapes, it is not possible to use human nail clippers to trim nails. Parents can buy pet nail clipper cutter to avoid hurting the dog.

pet nail clipper cutter

In fact, the method of using pet nail clipper cutter to build toenails for pets is the same, as long as we master each animal, we can easily deal with it. Whether it is Golden Retriever (detailed introduction), Teddy and so on.

First of all, we have to distinguish the three colors of pet toenails: white, red and black. The construction of white toenails is relatively simple, and we can see a dividing line. Similar to human nails. We only need to subtract 2 mm from the edge (blood line) vertically. Then round the edges of the toenails.

Let's take a look at how to build red toenails. We need to use a mobile phone flashlight to see the red toenails, and we can't see them directly with the naked eye. We can use a flashlight to shine it from one side, and then we can see the position of the blood line. Then trim it according to the previous method.

Using pet nail clipper cutter to trim black toenails is the most difficult to trim of the three types of toenails. For many students who have just entered the beautician profession, it is easy to cut and bleed if they are not careful. So we have to be especially careful. When trimming black nails, we must first understand the shape of the cross section of the blood line. Don't be too eager to think about it and cut it off. Cut it down slowly and vertically, and wait until the white point is close to the point to complete the construction. Because this white point is where the blood line is.

The above introduces how to use pet nail clipper cutter to cut nails for dogs. Parents can also feed some snacks to reward dogs after cutting their nails. They will be more cooperative next time.