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How to use pet grooming comb

How to use pet grooming comb

Among the tools for pet grooming, the pet grooming comb is indispensable, because we need to use the pet grooming comb to groom the dog's hair, open knots, etc. This article will introduce how to use pet grooming comb.

pet grooming comb

First of all, we need to know how to hold a pet grooming comb. There are two ways to hold a pet grooming comb, one is the forward holding method and the other is the reverse holding method.

When combing a dog's hair with a pet grooming comb, comb it backwards. The pet grooming comb for pets is different from an ordinary comb. It cannot be combed from top to bottom like an ordinary comb. Because the needle of the pet grooming comb is very short, if you start grooming from the top of the dog’s hair, it will not reach the root of the dog’s hair.

The correct way to use pet grooming comb is to comb it layer by layer against the direction of the hair. In order to break up the hair layer by layer. After pet grooming comb is used, it will leave hair and dander. We can clean them up.

Using pet grooming comb can not only reduce hair loss, but also stimulate the blood circulation of the skin, increase the secretion of sebaceous glands, and make the hair clean.