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How to use dog litter

How to use dog litter

Buy the dog litter box and put it on the ground first, put the dog litter in it, put the bowl in the corner, and let the dog go to the toilet every time.

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Training fixed-point excretion From childhood, train dogs to poop and urinate at fixed points, and let the dog defecate and urinate into the dog litter. The dog litter can be made of pine wood, which has better water absorption and can cover some odors. The storage place of the dog litter should be placed. In a ventilated area, such as a balcony.

When raising a puppy on a daily basis, you should pay attention to its behavior. If you find that the puppy is constantly circling on the ground and then sniffing the floor, it means that the puppy is looking for a place to urinate. Once you find this behavior of the puppy , immediately take it to the bedpan location dedicated to the channel, and then guide it to defecate there. As long as it is guided several times when it is a child, it will also remember this place and develop the habit of defecation in the bedpan.