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How to trim dog nails that are too long

How to trim dog nails that are too long

Too long pet nails can also cause inflammation of the toe tips, which affects the dog's walking, and even pierces the claws into the meat to cause bleeding, which is very unhealthy for dogs, but many shit shovelers have neglected to give the dog cut nails.

customized pet nail scissor

Avoid the blood line: The blood line is actually the part with blood vessels and nerves in the dog's nail. Many puppies' nails are white. When facing the light, you can clearly see the red blood vessels in the dog's nail, that is blood line. Touching the blood line is equivalent to cutting the flesh when people trim their nails, so be careful when trimming your dog.
Prepare tools: A good tool can often do more with less. Trimming the dog's nails, pay attention to a quick knife to cut the mess, and never fight a "protracted war", because the dog's claws are where their sweat glands are located, which can be considered as the tongue. The most important part, so dogs are very sensitive and it is impossible to cooperate for a long time. Therefore, you have to use sharp-edged pet-specific nail clippers, because dog nails are very hard. If you use human-used nail clippers, you may cut them 4-5 times without interruption. The dog will be afraid and resist, so the next step will be more Bad operation.