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How to take care of dog hair

How to take care of dog hair

More and more people love to keep pets, cats and dogs are very popular, but the situation of dog hair loss is very distressing, which brings a certain amount of trouble to the cleaning of the shovel officers, so how to take care of the dog What about dog hair?

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Fish oil can be fed to dogs regularly and quantitatively. If your pet dogs do not have any discomfort with fish oil, choosing to feed fish oil is very helpful for the health of the dog's hair. Owners can first investigate some of the characteristics of their dogs, and then go to the market to choose suitable fish oil products, which can play a certain role in the maintenance of dogs' hair.

Too frequent bathing for dogs or unreasonable choice of body wash will lead to unhealthy dog ​​hair. Be sure to use dog-specific body wash. Human body washes or shampoos are generally alkaline and can be compatible with people's. Skin value neutralization. The weak alkaline skin of the dog encounters the same alkaline shampoo, which cannot be neutralized. Instead, the oil that protects the skin surface is washed away, resulting in dryness, causing various skin problems, reducing the skin's immunity, and causing the skin sick.

Don't shave often. The hair that grows after the dog is shaved will be much worse than before. It takes a lot of lecithin to recover some. After shaving, dogs will reduce the resistance of the skin and are especially sensitive to sunlight. Under the light, a large number of dark spots will appear on the dog. Although these dark spots are not skin diseases, they are always bad.