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How to properly trim your pet's nails

How to properly trim your pet's nails

Cutting pets' nails is probably a hurdle that every owner can't get over. In fact, the nails of cats and dogs are much different from those of humans. How to cut them without pain and bleeding.

customized pet nail clean

Whether cats and dogs like it or not, nails must be trimmed. Nails of moderate length can protect the claws of cats and dogs, help them better grip the ground and immobilize their prey. However, if the nails are not trimmed for a long time, it is easy to make the hook-shaped nails sink into the flesh, resulting in redness and swelling, and even inflammation and unbearable pain.

There are blood lines in the nails. If the blood lines are cut, the cats and dogs will feel pain and bleeding, which will make the next nail cutting more difficult. If you don't cut your nails for a long time, the blood line will get longer and longer in the nails. And regular nail trimming can keep the blood line at the proper length.
Before cutting the nails, it is best to prepare something that can stop bleeding, such as sterile cotton balls or hemostatic powder, mainly to prevent hand residues from accidentally cutting bleeding for pets.

If cats and dogs are particularly resistant to clipping their nails, they should be comforted first, and they should be given something delicious and fun to deceive them.