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How to properly groom your dog

How to properly groom your dog

Grooming is also the top priority of every shit shoveling officer. Grooming a dog can not only brush away the fallen hair in time, but also cultivate feelings and observe the skin condition of the dog. But brushing is also very particular, come and see if you are like this Grooming the dog?

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1. Start with the forehead
The top of the dog's head, forehead, and face, no matter how annoying it is to be touched, are relatively safe places to start gently at the top of the head, massage the dog with a comb, and then extend it back.
2, neck to tail root

Then comb from the dog's neck to the base of the tail in one breath, the dog will shake the tail and back slightly, it will be more nervous at first, and after a few times, the base of the tail will relax and you can use the comb to massage more.
3. Separate left and right

If it is a long-haired dog, when combing the back, you should use the spine as the central axis and then comb the coat to the left and right sides separately.
4. Massage while combing

Combing will always encounter some parts that the dog likes and parts that do not like to be touched. At this time, you can comb alternately. Whenever the dog has a small opinion (such as combing the hind legs), quickly massage it with a comb. Comfortable areas such as the top of the head, chest, tail and back.