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How to keep your home clean with pets

How to keep your home clean with pets

Since our dogs generally walk on the ground barefoot and have soles of hair on the soles of their feet, some bacteria, parasites and dirt on the ground will cause a pollution. Assuming you have a dog at home, there are quite a few things you need to do to maintain good hygiene. First, you can clean the bottom of your dog's feet. Shave the soles and soles of the dog's feet. Some owners also require that the hair be shaved to the area of ​​the pouch, so that the dog's feet are very refreshing. If the owner doesn't mind the appearance, you can shave a little of the hair on your dog's feet.

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In rainy or humid days, you have to use a hair dryer to dry the dog's hair to keep the skin dry and prevent skin diseases, but it is not recommended that you bathe the dog every three days. To keep the room ventilated. Now that you have a dog, you need the energy and perseverance to drag the floor twice a day. It is best to equip a vacuum cleaner to help you remove the dog's hair. In this regard, it is recommended that you keep a short-haired dog, which is easier to deal with, and take out the cushions, beds, toys, etc. used by the dog as soon as possible to dry.
Although dogs have many inconveniences, they are just like children. They will always be our treasures. They bring a lot of laughter and laughter. They will make us happy when we are in a bad mood and accompany us when we are lonely. So we have an obligation to take care of them. Since they are adopted, don't abandon them for some reason. If there is really no way, you need to find a reliable adopter to give him another home.