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How to groom pets

No matter how clean the cat is, there is no way to avoid the phenomenon of cat hair flying all over the sky. Therefore, hair loss and disorderly urination are the most troublesome problems for cat owners. Most cats with disordered urine can be neutered to achieve the purpose of change. So, how to solve the problem of cat hair loss?

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1. Feeding cat grass: When there are hair balls in the cat's stomach, the owner needs to prepare some cat grass for the cat. The cat grass can stimulate the cat's intestines and make the cat spit out hair balls. Common cat grasses are wheat seedlings, barley seedlings, and oat seedlings. In fact, as long as the cat is willing to eat grass, it is called cat grass. These cat grasses can be grown at home, just buy the seeds, prepare the soil, and water them. Generally 3-5 days can be grown, and then you can pick the cat to eat.
2. Maintain good hygiene, give cats regular baths, vaccinate on time for deworming, trim nails, and vaccinate cats. In this way, cats' own immunity will be improved, and their chances of losing a lot of hair will be less, and the amount of hair loss will not be large. would be too much. You can put a mite removal bag or use a mite removal device on the bed. Stick the cat hair on the bed with something sticky every day, and change the bed sheets and pillowcases frequently. Cats themselves are very clean animals. Except for the problem of hair loss and dirt on their claws, other problems rarely occur.
As far as cats are concerned, grooming can give cats a lot of satisfaction, but cleaning up cat hair after grooming is a headache for many people. Qualities of a Good Comb
First of all, it must be the cat’s favorite comb. The comb teeth directly touch the cat’s skin. Whether it is too sharp or too blunt, it will cause the cat to feel uncomfortable and naturally dislike combing.
Secondly, modern pet owners have high requirements for the appearance of pet supplies. Combs should not only be easy to use, but also look good and not be too expensive.