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How to groom different pet hairs

How to groom different pet hairs

(1) Grooming of long-haired dogs: This type of hair should be combed in the opposite direction first, and then combed in the direction, except in winter.

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(2) Combing of silky dogs: This type of hair can easily become messy if you are not careful, so you need to comb frequently to avoid rolling the felt. Excessive hair on the earlobe and in the ear canal can cause disease and needs to be constantly trimmed.

(3) Grooming of curly-haired dogs: This type of dog does not change its hair all year round, and the hair continues to grow. Brush thoroughly every 2-3 days; for long-haired dogs, brush first and then brush. This dog is prone to shedding of fluff and is prone to knots and felting if not groomed frequently and requires careful care.

(4) Grooming of light-haired dogs: This type of hair should be groomed with a mitt brush for short-haired dogs, and combs and brushes for long-haired dogs.

(5) Wire-haired dog grooming: This kind of dog will not roll the felt as long as it is brushed regularly. The long hair tips should be trimmed every 3-4 months, and the hair around the eyes and ears should be cut with scissors.

(6) Hairless dog grooming: This kind of dog has very little hair, but still needs grooming. When the coat grows long, it needs to be washed and oiled for maintenance.

Dogs change their hair twice a year in spring and autumn, every 4-6 weeks, and the new hair grows in 3-4 months. When curly-coated dogs change their hair, they should be combed twice a day. If there is too much dust and cortex , should also take a bath.