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How to do daily cleaning for dogs

How to do daily cleaning for dogs

Common oral problems: bad breath, calculus, plaque, etc.
Cleaning method: If the calculus and plaque are serious, it is recommended to go to the hospital to wash your teeth; in addition, you need to brush your teeth every day, use toothpaste and toothpaste;

customized pet nail clean

Supplies preparation: toothpaste: you can choose the one with good cleaning effect and safe ingredients; toothbrush: the novice chooses a finger-tip toothbrush, and the dog who is adapted to brushing his teeth chooses a long-handled toothbrush; tooth cleaning water;
ear cleaning
Common problems: earwax, ear odor, ear mites, otitis;
Supplies preparation: Su Ershuang (cleans the ear canal); Erfuling (for otitis and ear mites); hemostatic forceps/cotton (cleans the ear canal); ear hair powder (pulls the ear hair);
Cleaning method: pluck the ear hair - hemostatic forceps to clean the ear canal - ear wash to clean the ear canal.
hair cleaning
Common problems: knotted hair, unpleasant body odor, poor immunity, skin diseases;
Supplies preparation: comb, body wash, towel, hair dryer; cleaning method: daily brushing, regular bathing;
Foot cleaning
Common problems: Interdental inflammation, foot pad puncture, arthritis;
Supplies preparation: nail clippers, hemostatic powder, nail polisher, pet-specific scissors; cleaning methods: pedicure pads, nail clipping;