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How to cut cat nails

How to cut cat nails

Cutting a cat's nails is not an easy task. The cat's claws are its sharp weapon. If the excrement shoveler wants to cut it off, the cat may strongly resist and will be scratched if he is not careful. Let me introduce to you how cats cut their nails, so that the shit shoveler no longer has a headache.

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1. Fix the cat, fix the cat's body and prevent it from moving around. It is best to prevent the cat from seeing its claws; no matter which method you choose, just fix its body so that the cat cannot move around, it is convenient Let's do it.
2. Food temptation, prepare some snacks for the cat, and let it shift its attention to the food; before cutting, you can give the cat some snacks, preferably cat candy, which can make it lick for a while, after all It's not something that can be done right away.
3. Cut in the right position, find the cat's nails, cut it off quickly and accurately, and don't cut too deep, so as not to hurt the cat. Grab the cat's feet and cut off the sharp part of the nail. It's best to do it in one step, and don't trim it repeatedly. If the cat's nails have been rounded by itself, there is no need to cut them off, as long as they are not sharp.