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How to customize pet nail clean

How to customize pet nail clean

When we usually take care of dogs and cats, we should pay attention to trimming our pets' nails. The following will introduce how to give customized pet nail clean.

customized pet nail clean

All cats and dogs need regular customized pet nail cleans. Too long toenails can not only slip, but also tend to harbor bacteria. Too long toenails can also pierce into the wall of the foot, causing inflammation of the toes or breaking of the toenails, causing pain to walk. Therefore, it is necessary to trim your pet's toenails regularly.

Before customized pet nail clean, you need to prepare: cat and dog toenail clipper, disinfectant, cotton wool, hemostatic agent.

Put your dog or cat on your lap and gently stroke their head to calm them down. The angle between the clipper and the toenail should be 45 degrees. Take one of your feet and cut off the long toenails one by one with a special toenail clipper.

Don't cut too close to the root (dark opaque) or it will bleed. If you accidentally bleed, you should immediately stop the bleeding with cotton wool and a hemostatic agent. When the toenails are cut, the bottom of the feet should be cut, and they should be aligned with the pads. Too long will cause the pet to slip, and too short will cause the foot wall to be easily stabbed by hard objects.

Reminder: If your pet is afraid of cutting toenails, you can find a friend to support the pet. Customized pet nail clean every two to three weeks.