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How to clean up hair loss

How to clean up hair loss

Golden Retrievers are long-haired dogs that shed very easily. Especially when the seasons change, the hair loss is severe. If the golden retriever is seriously ill, the owner must take the dog to the veterinary hospital for treatment immediately to avoid more thorny problems.
1. Sprinkle water in the air or on the road before cleaning, which can absorb the dog's hair on the water, which is very convenient to clean. When cleaning, no dog hair will fly around.

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2. Use the brewed tea, control the water, do not need to drain it, and then sprinkle it on the ground, you can also stick the dog's hair on the tea leaves. At this time, cleaning can easily collect dog hair. more convenient.
3. Buy a pet-specific brush, comb the dog hair once or twice a day, so that the shedding hair is concentrated on the brush. This trick is more convenient. That way, the fur will not spread into the furniture and the air. In addition, it can reduce hair loss in dogs.
All dogs shed hair. However, there are dogs that shed a lot, and there are dogs that shed less. The golden retriever is a kind of long-haired dog, and the hair loss is somewhat serious.