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How to clean up dirty things in cat's nails

How to clean up dirty things in cat's nails

When washing, you can buy a hard-bristled toothbrush. Add detergent and body wash to warm water. Soak your cat's paws in warm water and wash them with a toothbrush. Psychological preparation before washing Preparation before washing: Hold the roots of the cat's front paws, then gently place the front paws into the pot. It is best not to choose a basin that is too large, otherwise, it is easy to sprinkle water everywhere.

customized pet nail clean

The dirty things in the cat's nails must be cleaned in time, otherwise it is very easy to breed bacteria for a long time, causing the cat to develop interdental inflammation, which will make the cat more painful at that time. The owner can first use nail clippers to help the cat to cut the nails short, then find a toothbrush, dip it in a little pet shower gel, or soap, or toothpaste, gently brush off the dirt on the cat's nails, and then rinse with water. That's it.
When it comes to cleaning, nails are undoubtedly the most important part of a cat's paw. Foreign objects can easily get lodged in a cat's claw claw and can be cumbersome to clean.
Hold the cat's paw and check for any buildup around the nail sheath. You can remove it with a damp cloth. However, since this part of the cat is very sensitive, you need to be gentle when cleaning.