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How to clean dog's nail bleeding

How to clean dog's nail bleeding

The dog's nails are attached to the flesh, and if you accidentally turn the nails over or crack the nails, it will be very painful. Nails are a good helper for dogs to walk. If the nails are injured, it will also affect the dog's walking. Therefore, the owner should take good care of the dog's nails. When the nails are injured and bleed, scrub the injured area with iodophor or hydrogen peroxide. The owner should treat the dog's wound in time.

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If the nails are bleeding, if the nails are cracked, pay attention to gentle movements when cleaning. You can lure the dog with a snack first, divert attention, and then use a cotton swab dipped in iodophor or hydrogen peroxide to scrub the injured nail. If the inside of the nail can not be wiped with a cotton swab, you can first wash the entire paw with water. After washing the blood, dry the paw, and then wipe the wound with iodophor. There should be no blood stains and foreign objects left in the wound.
Do not use irritating alcohol or other liquids to clean the wound of the dog. The dog will struggle vigorously when the wound hurts, and it is not easy to deal with it later. After cleaning the wound, use a pet quick close on the wound, then wrap the injured paw with a bandage to protect the wound.