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How to clean cat's paws

How to clean cat's paws

Cleaning your cat's paws is sometimes easier said than done. Most cats panic when a shoveler tries to touch a cat's paw.
Drag the cat's paws with a soft damp towel. Soak it in warm water, and you can add some cat shampoo as appropriate. Never use soap as this can harm your cat's skin. Don't wrap the cat's entire paw in cloth! It makes him nervous.

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Dry the cat's paws. Never dry naturally as this increases the risk of fungal infection! Drying with a towel is sufficient, and a hair dryer can usually be used.
Cleaning your cat's paws after pooping
Their litter box is arguably the most dangerous place for cats to get bacteria. He'll be in and out of the litter box all day. In doing so, he will step on the poo. Anyway, Meowyaojun's cat often sticks to the poop in the process of digging cat litter.
Also, you should change cat litter regularly. A litter pad helps, too, you can place it next to the litter box and he will wipe his feet when he leaves the litter box to remove fecal marks.