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How to choose a pet water dispenser

How to choose a pet water dispenser

The fact that cats and dogs do not like to drink water is the heart disease of many shit shoveling officers, because there are many problems such as kidney stones, organ failure and urethra caused by too little water intake. Yellow urine in cats and dogs is also a sign of too little water intake.
In order to solve this problem, an artifact called "pet water dispenser" appeared, which is said to simulate water from a faucet or fountain to the greatest extent, attracting cats and dogs to drink water in the form of flowing water.

pet drinker material

Generally speaking, the choice of water storage is mainly related to the number of pets in the home. If there is only one cat in the house, a 2L water dispenser is generally enough. Don't blindly pursue a large water tank, the cat has to change the water often if it can't finish drinking.
Although we initially provided pure water to cats, naughty cats may play with water with their paws when drinking water. Therefore, the water dispenser must have a relatively strong filter system to effectively filter out impurities such as dust and pet hair.
For smart pet water dispensers, filter elements are all consumables and need to be replaced frequently. Therefore, in order to facilitate our long-term use, try to choose a water dispenser that is more worry-free for later maintenance when purchasing.