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How does a pet groomer choose a medium-sized dog pet grooming comb

How does a pet groomer choose a medium-sized dog pet grooming comb

1. The selection of pet grooming comb is based on the different strengths of the dog's hair length. Therefore, when choosing a comb, you need to see what kind of hair your dog is, so as to prevent the dog's skin and hair Damage. The characteristic of all kinds of dogs is the need for proper management. Correct management is the correct way to comb the hair. After choosing the right comb, combing your hair for about 15 minutes a day is to avoid hair loss and make your skin better. For long-haired breeds, it is best to comb the hair every day to prevent skin diseases. Grooming is also taken care of from an early age just like the others, so An An is used to be able to better cooperate with the owner in the future.

pet grooming comb

2. It is not a simple matter to use scissors to groom dogs at home. But for the dog's health, the hair under the feet or around the buttocks should still be cut. Bending shears and fish-bone shears are usually used when shearing. If the underfoot hair is too long, it will be difficult to walk in a smooth room. If you do this for a long time, accidental falls may occur. In addition, if you don't dry it well after taking a bath, it will also induce skin diseases. The condition of long-haired breeds can cause messy hair on the buttocks, problems during defecation, and inflammation in the buttocks. Therefore, Hao Chongyou Pet Service reminds you to take special care of this. When cutting the hair, the scissors can use the cutting head to cut the hair at the level of the skin. The fishbone scissors are used to thin the thick hair of the dog and refine the fine parts. When using fishbone scissors, cut less and complete the fine part of the trim several times. The electric razor should be careful not to scare the dog, the sound of the knife also needs attention, and the knife should not touch the skin. If the hair is messed up, it is convenient to use an electric razor after combing the hair first.

3. Shampoo is also very important to choose shampoo according to the type of dog. Hao Chongyou Pet Service reminds you that the first purpose of using shampoo is to remove the dirt on the dog's hair, improve the metabolism of the skin and develop the part of the fur. Recently, a lot of dogs are specialized shampoos that are selected according to their hair condition or color, so choose the right type for your dog.

4. The hair conditioner is used for maintenance after washing the hair, so that the hair is moisturized. It is better to choose the same quality as the shampoo.

5. When blowing, the temperature of the wind should not be too hot, and the size of the wind should be selected appropriately.

6. Cut the toenail and the size of the dog to choose a more appropriate toenail knife.

7. Towel After the dog takes a bath, take off the water on the dog once, remove the water, and then wipe it with the dog’s towel.