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Features of quality pet grooming glove

Features of quality pet grooming glove

A comfortable and easy-to-use quality pet grooming glove, which can not only wipe dry but also remove waste hair! Removal of waste hair: The soft rubber head can remove excess hair and brush off tangled hair. It is used for short-haired or long-haired pets. It is easy to brush to hard-to-reach places. Super absorbent microfiber: absorbs 10 times its weight. And dirt, fully and quickly absorb the moisture in the hair, used to wipe off the saliva, general use scenarios for dogs and cats: outdoor sports, daily care, etc.

quality pet grooming glove

1. The quality pet grooming glove is brushed on one side and combed gently. The rubber surface is soft and gentle to remove excess hair. The soft rubber tip catches and removes excess hair and brushes off tangled fur.

2. Both long-haired and short-haired pets can use quality pet grooming glove. The rubber surface is made of superior silicone material, which is soft and fits the fur, and the hair is combed more comprehensively. It is easier to reach the details corners than traditional hair combs.

3. The quality pet grooming glove can be used for both wet and dry, making care easier. Daily hair smoothing care, convenient to use, the absorbent surface is soft and skin-friendly, gently massage and wipe, let the love pet fall in love with the cleaning time.

4. The quality pet grooming glove is fresh and breathable, comfortable and warm. The absorbent surface has thick fibers, absorbs water and keeps warm, and can quickly dry the mud and sewage on the pet's body to prevent the pet from catching a cold. The rubber comb on the reverse side can brush off the tangled hair, clean and comfortable, suitable for cats and dogs.