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Dry your dog's nails with a nail polisher

Dry your dog's nails with a nail polisher

If you have an active kitten or puppy at home, their nails must be a headache. Especially for pets who live indoors for a long time, if the nails are too long, not only will the sofa and other furniture be damaged, but also it is not healthy for the pet itself.

customized pet nail clean

Usually, if you have a cat at home, it is very convenient to choose a cat-specific nail clipper to help the cat clean up too long nails, or toys such as cat scratching boards. But if you have a dog at home, it's not so convenient to handle the nails. And even with nail clippers, many people can't guarantee that they are skilled in manicuring the nails of cats and dogs, but it is easy to hurt their fingers.
Then at this time, you can choose an electric claw grinder like cats and dogs. Because it handles pet's nails by grinding, normal use will not cause damage to pet's fingers, and the speed of this claw grinder is also relatively suitable, and it can quickly fix pet's nails in daily practice.