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Don't be obsessed with "washing incense" when washing pets

Don't be obsessed with "washing incense" when washing pets

With the improvement of living standards, the classification of pet care products has become more refined. From the earliest cleaning-based to the current diversification of functional options, the variety of products allows every breeder to find a product that suits their pet's needs.

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Today's pet washing products are simply varied and versatile. In terms of washing methods, there are two modes of washing and dry cleaning; in terms of functions, there are cleaning, moisturizing, color-enhancing, deodorizing, fragrance-enhancing, mite-removing, sterilizing and other products; in terms of origin, there are domestic and imported products. In terms of price, it ranges from ten yuan to several hundred yuan; in terms of usage, it is divided into washing products and daily care products.
Professionals pointed out: "It is unscientific to judge the quality of pet detergents by smell alone. At present, pet deodorization is divided into two types: chemical decomposition type and physical covering type. In order to meet consumers' requirements for 'fragrance', some products, A lot of aromatic ingredients will be added, the better ones are natural essential oils, and the inferior ones are chemical flavors, which not only affect the pet's sense of smell and skin, but also stimulate the human body's central system through daily contact."
There is no such thing as one wash product suitable for all pet breeds. When consumers buy cleaning products, they still need to choose according to the different species of pets they raise.