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Dog Hair Removal Brush Buying Guide

Dog Hair Removal Brush Buying Guide

Brushing your dog's hair is not only to keep the dog clean and tidy, it is also very important for the health management of the dog. By removing dead hair and dirt from the body, it not only helps the skin to breathe freely, but also improves metabolism. At the same time, by touching the whole body, abnormal or uncomfortable symptoms can be detected early. Therefore, it is recommended to develop the habit of brushing your dog's teeth regularly. Don't be afraid of trouble and lose time with each other.

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The glue brush is suitable for short-haired dogs such as short-haired Chihuahuas, Shiba Inu, French Bulldogs, etc. It can also be used as a bath brush, and because of its massage function, it can also make the process of brushing a good interaction with dogs. .
The glove-type plastic brush uses the small protrusions on the palm surface to replace the brush needle. This gentle touch reduces the irritation to the skin, so it is especially suitable for hairy children who hate hard brushes. For small places that are difficult to reach with general brushes, such as the inside of the limbs, it can also be brushed by stroking, which can be called a brush that is suitable for all corners of the body.