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Does Pet Lice Comb Work

Does Pet Lice Comb Work

A pet lice comb is better as an auxiliary function. But the basics still need to be washed.
Buy a comb specially designed to remove lice, and the owner can buy it back to remove lice for the dog. The teeth of lice are very dense after combing. When the owner combs the dog, the lice can be stuck and removed from the dog's body. However, this method cannot guarantee that the lice on the dog can be completely expelled.
If the dog has a lot of lice, the owner can go to the pet store to buy deworming medicine, and then take it home and spray it on the dog's hair roots to kill the lice, or squeeze the juice out of fresh orange peels at a ratio of 1:2 The ratio is mixed with boiling water and sprayed on the hair when the water temperature is suitable, which can also effectively kill lice.

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Lice are afraid of water, so the owner can bathe the dog with a lice-repellent body wash, which can not only repel lice, but also eliminate other small bugs and bacteria. Wash it once a day, and it won't take long for the lice on the dog to be removed.