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Disadvantages and safety problems of pet drinking fountains

Disadvantages and safety problems of pet drinking fountains

In order to prevent the scale of the water dispenser from contaminating the water supply, it needs to be cleaned regularly. However, cleaning the water dispenser needs to be disassembled, and the steps are still a little complicated.
Pet water dispensers aren't necessarily right for all cats! Not necessarily suitable for all cats! Not necessarily suitable for all cats! If your cat doesn't currently reject drinking from a small bowl, then you don't have to spend that money. Cats and cats have different personalities and preferences, so if you can drink water by yourself, there is no need to intervene too much.

good price and quality pet drinker

For a small number of cats who are particularly naughty and active, they may use the automatic water dispenser as a toy, resulting in "small paw prints" all over the house.
The safety of pet drinking fountains is mainly reflected in the following points:
(1) Because cats are naughty, they may occasionally bite the water dispenser, so the material of the water dispenser must be "food grade".
(2) The power management must be in place to avoid leakage. After all, water can conduct electricity, which is a very dangerous thing.
(3) When there is a power failure, try to have "power failure protection", which will not delay the normal drinking of the hairy child.