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Different types of pet combs have different functions

Different types of pet combs have different functions

Every dog ​​has different coats and different grooming styles. First, you need to choose the right comb according to the different types of coat, and then use the correct method to comb. According to the type, combs can be roughly classified into three categories: needle combs, row combs and handle combs. There are many sub-categories of each type of comb, suitable for dogs of different body sizes and coat characteristics.

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Needle comb

The comb teeth are copper needle-like combs, which can be applied to different types of coats according to the hardness of the steel needles. It is mainly used to stretch the coat outward to achieve a fluffy effect. If you are feeding a dog breed with bristles, such as poodles, schnauzers, etc., use a needle comb to comb from the root of the coat to the outside, you can comb the hair that was originally curved into small tufts into a pom-pom .


Combs with neatly arranged rows of teeth are subdivided into various types according to the density and thickness of the teeth. It is mainly used to comb the coat that is relatively smooth and has no knots. The comb can also be used for brushing, which is specially designed for small toy dogs such as Poodles and Bichon.

handle comb

The handle comb has a long handle, which is very convenient to hold in the hand, and the comb teeth are hard and thick but not too dense copper teeth. It is used to roughly comb the entire body of the coat, find the location of the knots, and comb out the dead hair. Handle combs are widely used combs, from short-haired dogs to long-haired dogs, you can use the handle comb to comb through the comb first, and then use the needle comb or row comb to deal with the details.

massage comb

Resin or rubber is often used as the main material. There are no copper needles or comb teeth in the traditional sense. There are only thick, canine-like comb teeth. The main purpose is not to comb the coat, but to massage the skin through the coat.