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Current Situation and Deficiencies of Pet Water Fountains

Current Situation and Deficiencies of Pet Water Fountains

One advantage of the pet water dispenser is that the water is sprayed out and the cat can see it, because cats are animals that really want to drink wherever they want. My cat likes to drink from my cup before... But With running water, the cat's attention was clearly drawn, and he never went anywhere else to drink it. However, this should be different for each cat. My friend has 3 cats at home, and one of them still likes to drink from the tap, and he has learned how to turn on and off the tap. Another advantage of pet water dispensers is that there are places for filtering and disinfection filters, which can maintain water quality.

pet drinker in china

The hidden danger of the pet water dispenser is the water pipe from the pump to the water outlet. There is no spare part for this pipe, which means that it has to be used all the time, but I really don’t know if it can be kept clean after using it all the time. After all, there is no good way to clean the inner wall of the pipe. My own method is to buy a drinking water hose from Taobao, buy a longer one at a time, and cut a section regularly to replace it.