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Classification of Best pet brush massager

Classification of Best pet brush massager

More and more people are keen on keeping pets, especially puppies. If you have a pet, you should pay special attention to cleanliness and hygiene, and you should wash and groom your pet regularly, so as to maintain hygiene and keep your pet's glamorous image. To do these tasks, one of the necessary tools is pet brush massager. Here is an appropriate introduction to the knowledge of Best pet brush massager.

Best pet brush massager
There are different classifications of Best pet brush massager.

   1. According to the shape, there are round, square, elliptical, shank, and no shank.

   2. According to the material, it can be divided into the following types:

1. Metal needle type pet brush massager: The hemispherical rubber sheet is filled with air, and the needle tip can be stretched freely when combing. It is necessary for pet groomers, especially when combing the coat of dogs that need frequent hair care, and when drying and breaking up the hair. use.

  2. Pet brush massager of animal hair type: Short-haired dog skin, suitable for long-haired dogs when oiled, very flexible and will not damage the hair.

  3. Nylon hair type pet brush massager: The use is the same as animal hair type, and the price is low, but it will generate static electricity and cause hair tangles. It is suitable for showering.

  4, rubber granule type pet brush massager: used in the shower or for short-haired dogs to remove dead hair.

  5. Glove-type pet brush massager: remove the undercoat and brighten the coat (outer hair).

   A good pet brush massager needs to meet the following requirements: The metal needle type needs to have elasticity, moderate tightness, not easy to shrink the needle, the needle tip should be rounded, and the brush handle should be made of wood. Animal hair-type materials are the best pet brush massager with excellent hardness and elasticity.