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Classification and different uses of common quality pet grooming combs

Classification and different uses of common quality pet grooming combs

For pets, regular grooming can not only prevent their hair from knotting, and let them confidently put on a bright and smooth hair every day, but also can promote their skin blood circulation, which is good for their health, and it can also be in the process of grooming. Discover the wounds hidden in the hair and enhance the emotional communication with pets. Presumably an excellent shit shoveling officer, one of the daily compulsory courses is grooming your pet, but do you know what types of quality pet grooming combs are divided into?

pet grooming comb

The needle comb, also called quality pet grooming comb, is divided into long hair type needle comb, short hair type needle comb, hard tooth needle and soft tooth needle and so on. The main function is to loosen the knots and comb out a lot of dead hair in the coat. Normal needle combing can only comb through 1/3 of the long-haired dog's hair length. Therefore, it is necessary to open knots and comb for dogs with more hair layers. Slowly comb through in layers; in addition, the needle comb is also used to comb the hair of long-haired dogs after bathing, making the hair fluffy and light, which is very common in pet shops.

For combing, pet grooming comb is generally composed of two parts, dense teeth and sparse teeth, and the frequency of appearance is comparable to that of needle combs! It is mainly used to comb the hair from the root to the tip of the hair. Compared with the needle comb, it is easier to find the hair knots, so that it can comb the knots and coats in depth. In addition, the comb can also be used to pick the hair and carry out the treatment of the pet hair. Trim to create a professional beauty styling. Generally, the sparsely toothed part is used to comb the hairs first, and then the densely toothed part is used to refine and comb. At the same time, the densely toothed part can treat the hair of the mouth, face, ears and other detailed parts.

Rake comb, pet grooming comb is divided into single-row rake comb and double-row rake comb according to the arrangement of the needle teeth. It is mainly used for systematic grooming in the hair-changing season of long-haired dogs. Dispose of. The grip is the same as the name, and the rake is used for combing.

The function of the pet grooming comb is relatively simple. It is used for daily grooming and maintenance. It is very easy to use. It has a long handle and is comfortable to hold. The handle comb has a soft air bag, which does not damage the hair, and the needle is rounded and polished, which can penetrate into the bottom of the hair layer to massage and maintain the skin.

The tufting pet grooming comb is similar in function to the bristle comb, it is stronger than the bristle comb, and it is not easy to shed hair. It is mainly used to remove dust and floating hair from the coat, and it can also bring the sebum secreted from the short-haired dog to the hair. Sebum is the best natural hair conditioner. In addition, the tufting comb can also clean the hair adhered to clothes, sofas, etc. It is a must-have grooming tool for short-haired dog families.