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Classification and different uses of common pet grooming combs

Classification and different uses of common pet grooming combs

For pets, regular grooming can not only prevent their hair from tangling, allowing them to go out with bright and smooth hair confidently every day, but also promote their skin blood circulation, which is beneficial to their health, and can also be used in the process of grooming. Find wounds hidden in the hair and enhance emotional communication with pets. Presumably an excellent shit shovel officer, one of the daily compulsory courses is to brush your pets, but do you know what types of pet combs are divided into?

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The rake comb is called the rake comb because it looks exactly like the second senior brother's nine-toothed nail rake. According to the arrangement of needle teeth, it is divided into single-row raking comb and double-row raking comb. It is mainly used for systematic combing in the moulting season of long-haired dogs. Grip with the same name, rake combing.
Hair-planting comb, similar in function to bristle comb, stronger than bristle comb, not easy to lose hair. It is mainly used to sweep off the dust and floating hair on the coat. At the same time, it can also bring the sebum secreted from the short-haired dog to the hair. Sebum is the best natural conditioner for the hair. In addition, the hair-planting comb can also clean the hair adhered to clothes, sofas and other objects, and is an essential grooming tool for short-haired dog families.