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Classification and different uses of common pet grooming combs

Classification and different uses of common pet grooming combs

The row comb is generally composed of two parts: dense teeth and sparse teeth, and the frequency of occurrence is comparable to that of needle combs! It is mainly used for combing from the root to the tip of the hair. Compared with the needle comb, it is easier to find the knots, so that the hair can be deeply combed and knotted. In addition, the row comb can also be used to pick the hair and treat the pet's hair. Trim for a professional beauty look. Generally, the sparse tooth part is used to comb the hair knots first, and then the dense tooth part is used to refine the combing. At the same time, the dense tooth part can take care of the hair on the mouth, face, ears and other details.

pet grooming comb for house

Hair-planting comb, similar in function to bristle comb, stronger than bristle comb, not easy to lose hair. It is mainly used to sweep off the dust and floating hair on the coat. At the same time, it can also bring the sebum secreted from the short-haired dog to the hair. Sebum is the best natural conditioner for the hair. In addition, the hair-planting comb can also clean the hair adhered to clothes, sofas and other objects, and is an essential grooming tool for short-haired dog families.
In addition, there are many combs with special functions, such as flea combs, knot combs, hair removal combs, etc., each with different functions!
Alas, raising a dog is your ancestor. Do you think the shit shoveling officer is just shit shoveling? It does not exist, and grooming and maintaining the dog's hair every day is also a compulsory course! Hurry up and pick up the cool comb, and go to war with knots and dead hair!