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Classification and different uses of common pet grooming combs

Classification and different uses of common pet grooming combs

Needle combs, also known as card clothing brushes, are subdivided into long-haired needles, short-haired needles, hard-toothed needles and soft-toothed needles. The main function is to break up the knots and comb out a lot of dead hair in the coat. The surface combing of normal needle combs can only comb through 1/3 of the hair length of long-haired dogs. Gradually comb through layers; in addition, needle combs are also used for long-haired dogs to brush and comb after bathing to make the hair fluffy and light, which is very common in pet stores.

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The row comb is generally composed of two parts: dense teeth and sparse teeth, and the frequency of occurrence is comparable to that of needle combs! It is mainly used for combing from the root to the tip of the hair. Compared with the needle comb, it is easier to find the knots, so that the hair can be deeply combed and knotted. In addition, the row comb can also be used to pick the hair and treat the pet's hair. Trim for a professional beauty look.
The rake comb is called the rake comb because it looks exactly like the second senior brother's nine-toothed nail rake. According to the arrangement of needle teeth, it is divided into single-row raking comb and double-row raking comb. It is mainly used for systematic combing in the moulting season of long-haired dogs. Grip with the same name, rake combing.