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Brushing and grooming of pet grooming brush

Brushing and grooming of pet grooming brush

The pet grooming brush is the first step in pet grooming, and it is a very important step. The importance of pet grooming brush bristles is emphasized because the overall image of pets can be initially changed by brushing, and it is also the basis for subsequent grooming procedures. Pet grooming brush may take a long time, especially when encountering bushy and messy long-haired pets. There are a few very effective tips to reduce working time. The pet grooming brush must be thoroughly used before bathing, because messy or tangled hairs will become more tangled when wet. Pet grooming brush is the second step after the brush. In fact, brushing and combing are coordinated with each other. This rule should be: brush three combs, comb three combs, and so on.

pet grooming brush

Regular brushing and grooming of pet hair has the following benefits:
   A. Massage the skin to stimulate new hair growth.
   B, remove dust and aging hair.
  C, it is good for preventing tangled and rough hair.
  D, keep the skin clean and healthy, so that pets are not susceptible to diseases and ectoparasites.
  E, the natural secretion of oil is evenly distributed on the surface of the fur.
  F, make the hair look healthier and more shiny.
Then we just know the concept and benefits of pet grooming brush and combing is far from enough. First of all, we must comb every hair, not just comb the hair that is easy to comb. The mistake that most people make is just brushing the hair on the surface, but the hair under the hair, especially the hair close to the skin, is often overlooked. In addition to choosing the correct pet grooming brush, we also use protein-added hair conditioners or hair beautifiers and hair to dissolve condensate. These special products are gently sprayed on the hair for moisturizing and smoothing before combing. Because static electricity is generated when combing dry hair, the hair becomes brittle, and when the bristles and comb teeth touch the ends of the hair, it will break. The slightly moistened hair can make it easier for the pet grooming brush to pass through the hair, but don't spray too much.