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Benefits of Pet Massage

Benefits of Pet Massage

First of all, it can naturally enhance muscle health. If the dog's muscles are in a state of tension for a long time, it may be difficult or painful whether it is standing, walking or running. Because the blood flow to the muscles is reduced, the muscles may become tense and stiff, and even painful, and pain is difficult for dogs to express.

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Massage can help dilate blood vessels, improve blood circulation, and drive more oxygen and nutrients to follow the blood flow throughout the dog's body. After blood circulation, various physical problems of the dog can be improved, and many wastes and toxins that may cause illness can be excreted together. It is also the truth that "pain does not make sense, and generality does not hurt".
After promoting the blood circulation of the muscles and lymphatic system, if the dog has a bleeding injury in a certain part before, it is also helpful for recovery, and when the dog is massaged, the dog's brain will release amine polyphenols, which It can relieve pain. Especially dogs suffering from muscle stiffness or arthritis, hip dysplasia, will be beneficial, and it can also increase the dog's limb flexibility.
When massaging a dog, it is also a time to check the body by the way. The most direct way is to check whether there are strange protrusions or foreign objects on the dog, and whether there are parasites and so on. If the dog responds greatly to certain parts of the massage, then it is necessary to consider whether the dog has something wrong with this position.