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5 tips for training your cat to use the toilet

5 tips for training your cat to use the toilet

1. Find a good time to teach the cat to use the toilet
Recalling that there were many floating people in the house at that time, the cat seemed to be very cramped, and this environment was not conducive to the cat's learning, so try to avoid it.
2. Find out if the cat is sensitive to changes in the litter box
In the beginning, the cat litter box is not placed on the toilet. Test whether the cat is sensitive to the change of the position of the "bathroom". The cat does not mind the change, and the cat will perform well in toilet training. Cats are sensitive to litter box movement and spend more time giving positive encouragement.

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3. Take your time, take small steps
The size of the opening of the tray is gradually increased, too fast for the cat to adapt. Generally, it takes a week for cats to master the skills and master the current steps and continue to expand the tray holes. If all the trays are removed too quickly, the cat is not familiar with walking on the toilet seat, and it is easy to fall or even fall into the toilet. I believe this ending is unwilling to see.
4. Give more attention, praise and rewards
Encouragement and rewards make cats more aware of whether they are doing the right thing. Don't be stingy with encouragement and rewards.
5. Keeping hygienic is conducive to cat toileting environment
At the beginning of cleaning the feces in the tray in time, in order to prevent someone from covering the toilet, stick the toilet cover to the water tank with tape.