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What are the common tools for cleaning dog hair

What are the common tools for cleaning dog hair

The hair loss of dogs varies greatly in different periods. The amount of shedding during the molting season is significantly higher than usual, and the shedding location of the coat will also be different.

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1. Electrostatic hair removal brush:

This brush uses the principle of static electricity to stick the fine hairs and fibers. The brush has a direction when it is used. You can feel that the hair on the surface of the brush is forward and reverse. When brushing clothes in the reverse direction, the hair on the surface of the clothes will be electrostatically stained on the brush, and then you use it again. You can remove the bristles stuck on the surface of the brush with your hand.

2. Sticky hair removal roller:

This hair removal roller is covered with a sticky jelly-like rubber. When rolling, you can stick the hair on the roller. When the hair sticks to a certain degree and the viscosity is poor, you can use detergent or soapy water. Wash it off and use it again.