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Yangzhou Huating Brush Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996 and is located in Yangzhou, which is known as the "Famous Capital of Jiangsu, Wonderful Land". Yangzhou Huating Brush Industry Co., Ltd. is engaged in the production, development and sales of pet grooming tools and pet daily necessities. We enjoy a competitive and scientific system integrating production and trade, a dynamic team and thoughtful service, and have won unanimous praise from domestic and foreign customers. Our company's main products are: pet nail clipper, pet brush massager, dog brush clean, dog lice comb and other pet daily necessities.






The recent high temperature weather makes people feel breathless, and the small animals are also hot enough. Seeing that the cat is still wearing a fur coat, some of the owners are not calm, want to "take off" the leather for the cat, let the cat cool. But is it necessary to shave the cat?


The dog's hair is full of hair, the black shirt turns white sweater, the cat and dog are a lot of hair loss, the parents have a headache, the hair that can't be picked up every day, the endless sneeze, the endless sneeze... Many parents pay more attention to how to deal with the group hair The way of flurry is handled, but is there enough reason why cats and dogs have such a large amount of hair loss?


So far, the pet food industry, which is the most popular and favorite among the pet food industry, is the pet toy industry. It does not require much capital investment in this industry, and it can be carried out in its spare time. To some extent, increasing your own economic income can be said to be a two-pronged thing. Coupled with the increasing demand for pet toys on the market today, in this large market, as long as there is excellent quality, it can win the recognition of consumers.


Bone health is one of the five healthy vitality performances of dogs. The healthy Wang Xing people who run and jump must have strong bones. The perfect partner of calcium and phosphorus can increase the bone toughness of Wang Xing people and protect their bones and joints. It is Wang Xingren. Become a solid foundation for sports athletes.